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Ways to Support Small Businesses

1. Spread the Word

The reality is that many are out of work. Your support doesn't have to be financial. Many of our local businesses in Moscow, Idaho are running specials so their employees have a place to return to when the quarantine concludes. Help spread the word by sharing and liking their posts. This is a tough time, many businesses are looking for ways to support their employees, spreading the word helps them invest advertising funds into their employees and into keeping the lights on. Essentially, sharing, liking, posting about, tagging, and commenting posts on social media is free advertising for your local small businesses.

2. Share a Few Words of Encouragement

Take a moment to let your favorite local business know that you are thinking about them. Let them know what you miss about them and what you're looking forward to in their return to being open again. Do you have a favorite employee or artist? Help fuel their optimism by giving them a shout-out online. For our artists, share their work and what you enjoy about working with them. For a more public shout-out, you can also take a quick moment to write a review for your favorite businesses. Mention what you love about them and why you think they're vital to our community.

3. Purchase Gift Cards

Along with many other small businesses, we're offering a discount on gift cards so that our artists can continue to earn while out of work. This is a great way to pre-pay for services. Perhaps you have a gift to buy, a new tattoo in mind, or an in-progress tattoo to finish. Here's an opportunity to get a great deal AND support a favorite local business - it's a WIN-WIN!

4. Purchase Merchandise

Many small businesses are offering delivery or free shipping! You can peruse and purchase inventory from the comfort of your own home.

5. Pay it Forward

Consider how you can support your community as a whole or the people in your circle. This includes purchasing supplies reasonably (not hoarding), staying home if you're sick, being kind and patient with others, and keeping your distance from others. Letting someone know you're thinking about them or you care, expressing sentiments of gratitude, sending a note or a small gift, or donating to our local charities can help keep our community feel more connected while distancing.

The sooner we all work together and stick with social distancing recommendations, the sooner we'll be able to get back to business as usual!

Thank you for supporting local businesses during this time!

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