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Piercings By Niko

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Piercings by Niko

Moscow Tattoo Company has teamed up with Niko to offer piercing services at our shop. Niko brings a friendly and positive energy to the shop and we're thrilled that he has joined our team!

Niko has completed a three-year local apprenticeship. His apprenticeship included observing a professional piercer and gaining supervised experience as a piercer. This training allowed Niko to safely perfect his craft. Niko invests ongoing energy in his continued education as he strives to stay up-to-date with new products or approaches. He truly enjoys studying his craft and makes this a priority. Niko takes great pride in the services he provides; this is why Niko uses tools and products of the utmost quality, despite them being somewhat more costly. In fact, Niko has been emphatic about using more costly needles and tools in effort to ensure that he is practicing as safely as possible.

Niko’s humility also speaks for itself. If he cannot answer a question or complete a requested piercing, he will help connect you with the resources you are looking for by making a well-informed recommendation.

To add to Niko’s ability to provide outstanding consultation regarding piercings, Niko is also a skilled metal craftsman. This allows him to knowledgeably answer questions regarding pros and cons of various metals used in needles, piercing tools, or even jewelry.

Niko is in the shop Thurs - Mon. Niko accepts pre-scheduled (with deposit; subject to no-show/no-call fee) appointments Tue-Wed. You can learn more about his work by visiting Piercings by Niko on Facebook.

Piercing prices are provided below.


Piercings include price of jewelry provided by piercer.

Multiple piercing discounts apply to piercings on an individual person at the time of initial piercing service.

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