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Palousafest Swag: Logo Lenses Review

We're pretty excited about some of our prize swag for Palousafest! That's right, we said PRIZE swag! You'll have to stop by our table on Saturday to learn more and keep an eye out on our page for prize drawings!

Logo Lenses Direct to Lens


We ordered direct-to-lens prints from During the process of ordering we looked for relevant reviews, but struggled to find anything other than fraud accusations or logo-lenses promotional videos. So, we thought we'd try to help others out who might be looking for more information. Check out the video for pictures and a short video clip to see for yourself. We're novice video-makers, so sorry for the lack of interesting editing!

Pros: Our printed image looks great. Customer services was great to work with and were very informative. They actually offered corrections to our original order to ensure we were able to get something that would work well for us and not overly obstruct your view when wearing the sunglasses. Also, products arrived (in North Idaho) earlier than promised!

Cons: Logos peel off the sunglasses by logo lenses very easily.Great for a one-time event like a wedding or festival. Regardless, we're still excited to share them with our community!

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