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Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover

It’s finals week at WSU, which makes for a quieter week in the shop, which also leaves time for sharing some introspection. So, you’re in for a treat!

This evening, a well put together young lady walks into the shop. She is accompanied by a few out of place and giggly friends. She asks if I have time to do a fairly simple tattoo. She says it is her first! Initially my eyes roll and my thoughts go to Pinterest, her friends giggle. I say “sure, I have time open tonight for a small tattoo. What did you have in mind?”

...She says, “well, I have been thinking about it a lot lately. I can’t always say it out loud...I’d like some script tattooed on me.” She explains that it can’t be visible because of her future profession (she’s in graduate school), She tells me what it is and we high five. After I ease any uncertainty (hers and maybe mine) by asking if she is sure, we get started. So here we go, a little “FUCK YOU” lip rocker for a hopeful future medical professional.

I think this is the tattoo for the moments when you have to bite your tongue. The moments when you just can’t say what is really on your mind, the moments I imagine graduate school being made of! It is also the perfect tattoo for those moments where words aren’t quite enough, for whatever reason. This is the tattoo for moments we can all relate to. Those are the moments she’ll feel satisfaction with this tattoo. I imagine this tattoo will ground her and bring a sense of peace throughout her academic and professional journey.

Not only was I thrilled to give this sense of satisfaction and expression to her, I was also reminded of valuable lesson. Don’t judge a book by its cover. So, THANK YOU, the punk rock in me sees the punk rock in you. I hope you do reach your goals and tell all the assholes “FUCK YOU,” whether or not it is out loud.

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