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Please Welcome Todd Holley, MTC's FIRST Guest Artist!

Todd Holley will be with Moscow Tattoo Company as a guest artist until mid-August(ish). Although his stay is temporary (as he heads off on grand adventures), we’re honored to have him as a permanent member of the MTC family! In addition to being a phenomenal artist (and all-around great guy), Todd Holley has also worked along-side and has even mentored some of the greatest tattoo artists in this region.

Todd is a creative and very experienced artist. Todd started tattooing in ‘95 at Falling Moon after he got out of the Army. He later moved to Coeur d’Alene in ‘99 to work at Inkworld Tattoo. Todd then opened Triumphant in 2001 in Post Falls with a couple of partners and was sole owner by 2004. Triumphant had 2 locations in Coeur d’Alene until Todd moved to reconnect with his roots. Many of you probably know Todd for his stellar work at Triumphant in Pullman, WA. He recently closed Triumphant to pursue great adventures (and warmer winters).

Todd has a strong passion for tattooing. He specializes in art that captures the natural world, especially animals. Todd also enjoys tattoos that capture a sense of humor (whether his own or yours); bring in a funny or “punny” tattoo to make his day!

So, while this guy might be a familiar face to many on the Palouse, we are privileged to have him grace us with his presence as a guest artist at MTC. Stop in to check out his work soon (before he takes off)!

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