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Protocols for reopening during the COVID19 Pandemic

Idaho Rebounds - Stage 2

• Artists will email or verbally explain these protocols when scheduling appointments to ensure understanding of protocols and risks.

• Washable or disposable protective gear will be changed between each customer and washed and/or disinfected every night. Regular disposable protective gear and barriers shall be discarded as per usual. Regular bloodborne pathogen protocols will be maintained.

• Clients will be asked arrive recently showered, wearing clean clothes and a face covering of their own. They must not show up early to their appointment. Social distancing between clients should be adhered to. Obviously, a client and artist will have to be closer than six feet apart. All clients must observe these protocols or they will be refused service and lose their deposit.

• Complete and document temperature checks and health questions for each employee daily. Client’s will complete the COVID-19 Client Screening form approximately one hour prior to their schedule appointment. Artists will complete the Artist Appointment Form with each client appointment to document client temperature and understanding of risks/procedures. Any sign of illness in an artist or client will require rescheduling to a date at least 14 days from that date. Deposits will still be honored but will not be refunded.

• Clients will be required to come alone unless prior arrangements have been made with your artist. If the client is under 18, please make arrangements with your artist to have one parent present. We will allow a maximum of 15 people in the shop at a given time. Visit to the shop will be by APPOINTMENT ONLY. No walk-in appointments will be taken so we have the opportunity to email and/or explain the protocols we are putting in place.

• Each station shall be sanitized between clients as per normal bloodborne pathogen protocol. Re-usable items will have a protective barrier that is disposable or can be disinfected. Single use ointment packs will be used. If not available, small disposable cups will be provided to take needed serving to your station and dispose of cup. Inks and pigments will be dispersed in single use containers. If refill is necessary, glove change and new ink cup must be used. Individual disposable paper towels must be used for each procedure. Towels must be free from the roll and stacked in station for use with each individual client. Excess must be discarded. Gloves will be replaced when obtaining material refills during sessions.

• Appointments will be spaced to allow enough time in between for thorough sanitizing and for the air to clear in that area.

• Furniture must be made from materials that can be properly sanitized between clients. Cloth pillows and curtains will be removed. Tables, chairs, couches and display cases are to be sanitized regularly throughout the day. Main/shared areas will be cleaned every hour, to include wiping door knobs, light switches, credit card machine, restroom, sinks, and counters with approve disinfectant.

• All books, magazines, and portfolios will be removed. Artist work can be viewed on our website ( or social media.

• Forms will be completed electronically from the client’s own device. Consent forms, client screening forms, and artist data tracking will be available on our website. Paper forms will be available if needed (as a back-up). Clipboards and pens must be sterilized after each use.

• Cash will not be exchanged in the shop. We can only accept gift certificates and credit card payment at this time.

• Cloth merchandise has been removed from the shop; shirts and koozies can be ordered through our on-line store. Returns will not be accepted. Remaining merchandise is to only be handled by employees and sterilized after handling.

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